Learning Profile Assessments

We are all familiar with challenges of distance learning.  Now more than ever, teachers and parents need concrete information regarding a child’s learning and academic skills for appropriate planning and expectations.  

Unfortunately, public school resources are stretched thinner than ever, and consequently wait times for evaluation are longer than ever.   

The Children’s Program is happy to offer families an alternative, affordable, safe opportunity to gather usable information regarding their child’s learning potential, learning style, and academic performance. 

Please review the FAQs below. Registration is available at the bottom of this page.

Learning Profile Assessment FAQs

Students ages 6-11 years, where the primary concern is their academic progress.
Cognitive testing (e.g., an IQ test) and an academic battery.
There are several options. Intake staff will help you determine which is best for your child at the time of scheduling.
Testing with the child takes place during one Zoom session of 3 hours’ duration, with built-in time for breaks. We will also schedule a 45- minute telehealth parent conference on a separate day after testing is completed.
The testing is completed by a psychometrician or technician with experience in telehealth evaluation procedures. Interpretation of data and parent feedback will be provided by a licensed psychologist.
We will provide a data sheet with quantitative information about your child’s performance on all measures we administer. Interpretation of results will occur during the collaborative feedback conversation between parents and psychologist (see above).
Learning profile assessments are not designed to address differential clinical diagnosis or determine if a child meets criteria for AD/HD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. However, in your feedback session, the psychologist will address any related concerns, and may refer your child for further evaluation (if clinically appropriate).
The $500.00 fee includes the 3-hour Zoom testing block and the 45-minute parents’ feedback with the psychologist. Academic concerns are not covered by insurance, so this cost will be out of pocket and collected in full on the day of testing.

Click here to register for a learning profile assessment.

After you fill out the registration form, you will receive an email to book a phone call with an intake specialist, who will go over final details with you and schedule assessment and feedback times.