Pay Attention to Attention – On Demand Virtual Class

Presented by Jeff Sosne, Ph.D.

This class is designed for parents of elementary aged children with attention weaknesses and self control problems. Our new online format allows you to view information through video, print, audio and other online offerings.

Parents will learn how to direct and sustain their children’s attention at home, in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We will talk about the nature of attention and how attention impacts all aspects of our lives. The class will focus on attention skills, with attention training games that help students to sustain attention, shift focus, fend off distractions, and monitor task activity. Parents will learn how to light up their children’s attention center and work within their child’s attention span. Since many children with attention problems also experience behavior difficulties, self control considerations are also included.

This class is intended to support other forms of intervention and not replace them.

Price: $100.00